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Commission Investigates Racially Motivated Hate Crime

07 Aug 2012

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has commenced an investigation that will examine the state’s response to racially motivated hate crimes. In particular’ the aim of the investigation is to examine:

• Preventative measures undertaken and / or driven by the Northern Ireland Executive; and
• The response of key criminal justice agencies to racially motivated hate incidents and crimes
As a key aspect of this investigation the Commission would like to learn more about the experiences of people who have been victims of a race hate crime. If you have been a victim yourself or have experience of working with victims and would like to part in an interview for the purposes of our investigation report please contact or phone 02890243987 and ask to speak to one of our investigations team.
One of our investigators will then arrange a suitable time and location for interview. Please note that while your experiences may form part of the published investigations report no individuals will be named. The findings of the report are set to be published in 2013.
View the Terms of Reference and the Commission’s Statement of Ethics below:

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