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Commission marks success of Boardroom Apprentice partnership

29 Jun 2020

Commission marks success of Boardroom Apprentice partnership

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is celebrating its first year of partnering with the Boardroom Apprentice.

In September last year, the Commission welcomed Julia Stella to her first board meeting as part of the Boardroom Apprentice scheme. More than fifty boards from across Northern Ireland participate in the scheme, which provides individuals with a twelve-month placement on a board to gain experience and develop knowledge.

Julia has attended meetings with the six part-time Commissioners and Chief Commissioner, Les Allamby. The Commission is now preparing to host an apprentice for a second year.

Chief Commissioner, Les Allamby, stated:

“‘Having a Boardroom apprentice was a rewarding experience for the Commission. Our apprentice, Julia, was thoroughly engaged in our work, often asking intelligent questions about our processes and policies which reminded us not to make automatic assumptions about how and why we do things. We will be delighted to continue to be involved in the scheme as we fully support its aims.”

Boardroom Apprentice, Julia Stella, stated:

“What an incredible year of learning! I have seen my Boardroom Apprentice training days come to life with the opportunity of attending Commission meetings. This has been a practical and valuable method of learning and I am so grateful to the Commission for their support and encouragement throughout. I wish the next apprentice every success.”



1. The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is an independent statutory body first proposed in the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement (1998) and established in 1999 by the Northern Ireland Act (1998). It is answerable to Parliament at Westminster.

2. More information on Boardroom Apprentice can be found here:

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