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Commission participates in another successful Boardroom Apprentice programme

29 Jun 2021

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is celebrating another successful Boardroom Apprentice participant completing a placement at the organisation.

It marks the second year the Commission has acted as a host board in partnership with the Boardroom Apprentice programme.

In September last year, the Commission welcomed Nikita Brijpaul to his first board meeting as part of the Boardroom Apprentice scheme. More than 50 boards from across Northern Ireland participate in the scheme, which allows individuals to gain boardroom experience over 12 months, increasing their knowledge and understanding of serving on a board.

Nikita has attended monthly meetings with the six part-time Commissioners and Chief Commissioner, Les Allamby. The Commission is now preparing for a new Boardroom Apprentice to come on board as part of the 2021 intake.

Chief Commissioner, Les Allamby, stated:

“We are delighted to partner with the Boardroom Apprentice for a second year; it has been a thoroughly positive experience for the Commission. Nikita brought with him an eagerness to learn and develop his understanding of the processes and workings of the Commission. We wish Nikita well for his future endeavours. The Commission is looking forward to continuing this collaboration in the future, and look forward to welcoming a new Boardroom Apprentice in the coming months.”

Boardroom Apprentice, Nikita Brijpaul, said:

“I was fortunate to be selected and placed on the board of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

I had the privilege of observing first hand key principles of public life upheld to the highest standards. I have learnt the importance of expressing gratitude, the art of questioning and the importance of first principles. I sat through articulate discussions and witnessed courage and respectful dissent. This experience served immensely to demystify what goes on behind the closed doors of the boardroom and build my confidence.

I would like to thank the Commission for this great opportunity, and wish the next Boardroom Apprentice every success.”



1. The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is an independent statutory body first proposed in the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement (1998) and established in 1999 by the Northern Ireland Act (1998). It is answerable to Parliament at Westminster.

2. More information on Boardroom Apprentice can be found here:

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