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NIHRC launches series of videos on Human Rights after Brexit

05 Sept 2023

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has launched a new video series explaining the Commission’s role in protecting human rights and equality post Brexit.

Along with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, we are working to ensure that the UK Government meets its commitment under Article 2 of the Windsor Framework - to no diminution of certain rights, safeguards and equality protections in Northern Ireland as a result of Brexit. The four 10 minute videos outline what Article 2 means, how it should be applied in practice, its scope, and when we can say that a breach of the commitment has occurred.

Speaking ahead of the launch, NIHRC Chief Commissioner, Alyson Kilpatrick, said:

We are delighted to be launching this new series of videos. As well as providing an overview of Article 2 of the Windsor Framework, it is our hope that the videos will raise awareness of the UK Government’s commitment with policy makers and stakeholders, and highlight the need for its implementation in the policy making and legislative processes both in the Assembly and Westminster. With the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, and as part of our mandate under Article 2, we will continue to work to ensure the protection of equality and human rights following EU withdrawal.”

The videos will be particularly useful for those working in policy making and on legislation including Parliamentary Committees as well as organisations working in the areas of human rights, equality and cross border issues.

You can watch the videos here: Video Series: How does Brexit affect my rights? | Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (

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