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Strategic Planning Message from the Chief Commissioner

06 Nov 2015

6 November 2015

The Human Rights Commission is keen to get your views on what work we should be concentrating on over the next three years.

Within the Commission’s life span we have investigated many issues including Nursing Homes, Emergency Healthcare, Prisons and Immigration services. We have provided advice on what should be in a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

We want to hear from you on where our priorities should lie. Tell us what you think we should focus on above and beyond our daily work to promote and protect the human rights of everyone in Northern Ireland. Our priorities are currently good governance, austerity and dealing with the past. Do these priorities still hold good or should we concentrate on other issues?

What exactly can we do? We can investigate human rights protections in the Criminal Justice System, Healthcare, Education, within any area of public service including the Government. We can go anywhere in Northern Ireland to look at any area where human rights are engaged.

Tell us what is concerning you in your community or what issues are affecting you and your family most. Even if you think that they may not be a rights issue, you should still let us know as human rights are often right at the heart of our daily lives.

You can let us know your views by filling in this short survey

Thank you for giving your views we really appreciate it!

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