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Unity the goal for first Commonwealth Sport and Human Rights Working Group

11 Aug 2023

National Human Rights Institutions from Rwanda, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Malaysia and Siera Leone all participated in the first Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights (CFNHRI) Sport and Human Rights Working Group on Wednesday the 9th August.

In a historic first meeting the new group agreed an action plan for the next twelve months and discussed future plans; and sport and human rights issues that they are leading on in their respective areas.

Marie Claire Mukasine the Chairperson of the CFNHRI said:

“Sport is universal and can bring people together. This new Working Group shall improve knowledge, understanding, and capacity of CFNHRIs on Sport and Human Rights. I congratulate everyone involved for such a positive first meeting and I look forward to seeing how the group develops over the next twelve months”.

Michael Boyd from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is the Chairman of this new Commonwealth Sport and Human Rights Working Group; and was pleased with the first meeting:

“It was a very positive first meeting. The CFNHRI have prioritised Sport and Human Rights in their new strategic plan. Sport creates space for dialogue, to advance gender equality, promote social inclusion and tackle discrimination against vulnerable and marginalised groups. To realise this potential, it is essential that the protection of and respect for human rights are embedded within the governance and operations of sport, and that the policies, systems, and practices of all actors regularly evolve to reflect the continually developing human rights landscape. Collectively this new Commonwealth Working Group on Sport and Human Rights has massive potential to make a positive difference”.


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