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Youth Assembly explores wide range of human rights issues affecting children and young people in NI

01 Mar 2023

The Northern Ireland Youth Assembly has heard about the alarming number of human rights issues affecting children and young people in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission delivered a human rights workshop to the youth representatives during their latest meeting at Parliament Buildings Stormont. This included highlighting our work and role in protecting and promoting the rights of everyone in Northern Ireland.

The young people discussed some ways in which sport can be used to tackle some of the human rights issues that they feel strongly about. It will be fed back to the NI Sport and Human Rights Forum, which is facilitated by the Commission.

The Commission highlighted some of the issues in its Annual Statement that have an impact on children and young people such as mental health; period poverty; bullying in schools; academic selection; age of criminal responsibility; and physical punishment of children. They also heard the Commission’s recommendations to rectify these human rights issues.

Chief Commissioner Alyson Kilpatrick said:

"The Commission is very excited to be engaging with the young representatives in the Northern Ireland Youth Assembly. We feel it is important to highlight to them the many human rights issues still affecting young people in Northern Ireland, and to instil in them an understanding of the importance of human rights to all of us, regardless of our backgrounds or circumstances. They will be the future generation of leaders in Northern Ireland, and we believe it is vital to engage with them around their rights and how they can help to empower us all.”

One member of the NI Youth Assembly commented:

“I learned about a variety of issues that I had not previously considered. I had a practically perfect day.”


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