Comments on the draft programme for government 2011-15

Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 March 2021

The Commission has commented on the Draft Programme for Government. As Ministers face cutting public expenditure and household incomes continue to decrease# the Commission says that more needs to be done to place human rights at the centre of the decision making process.
The Draft Programme mentions at present only two of the international treaties. This is an oversight that needs to be addressed. Simply listing treaties or referring to them in only one priority area# as is now the case# is inadequate. Human rights serve as a legally binding framework that should underlie the entire Programme.
By placing human rights at the core of the Programme for Government the Executive would bring a focus on where it is needed most. It would help ensure that difficult decisions protect the most marginalised and vulnerable such as our older people# children and the almost quarter of the population who live in poverty.

Comments on draft programme for government