Criminal Justice Review

Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 March 2021

The Commission was established late in the life of the Criminal Justice Review Group.
Consequently it took an early decision not to make a formal submission to the Group.
Following the meeting between the NIHRC and the CJRG on 28 June, the Northern
Ireland Human Rights Commission has reconsidered its position and has now decided to
make this brief written submission to the Review Group. The submission builds upon the
views expressed by the NIHRC at the meeting of 28 June 1999. In the time available, the
Commission was unable to produce a comprehensive submission dealing with all the
issues of concern regarding the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland. The issues
the Commission raises are those which are directly related to its mandate or reflect those
which have been brought to the attention of this Commission in its consultative meetings
to date with individuals and groups.