Renewal of Terrorism Act - Lord Dubs

Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 March 2021

I understand that an order has been laid in Parliament to renew the temporary Northern
Ireland powers contained in Part VII of the Terrorism Act 2000. It is being considered by
the House of Lords on Thursday 14 February. In laying the order the Governmment has
taken into account the report of Lord Alex Carlile into the operation of those provisions
during 2001. I am writing to you now to make known to you the views of the Northern
Ireland Human Rights Commission on the renewal order.

The Human Rights Commission believes that many of the provisions in question should
not be renewed. We have come to this conclusion notwithstanding the continuing threat
from terrorists in Northern Ireland, although we are conscious that we may not be as well
informed as we should be on this matter since the limitations on our powers precludes us
from gaining access, even on a confidential basis, to many of the documents and opinions
which are made available to Lord Carlile. Once again I feel that the Commission’s
effectiveness in advising you and others on important issues is jeopardised by the
reluctance of some government agencies to co-operate fully with our inquiries.