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Our Mission and Principles that underpin our work

Our Vision:

A society with human rights values and standards at its heart to achieve fairness, peace and justice.

Our Mission:

To protect and promote the human rights of everyone in Northern Ireland.

The Principles that Underpin Our Work:

A human rights-based approach underpins the Commission’s work. This is predicated on the conviction that human rights compliant outcomes require processes that adhere to both the values which underpin human rights laws as well as their substantive content. On this basis our core principles are:

People should be involved in decisions affecting their human rights.

There should be effective monitoring of how human rights are implemented and meaningful remedies available when things go wrong.

All forms of discrimination must be prohibited, prevented and eliminated. People facing the biggest barriers to realising their rights should be prioritised.

Everyone should understand and be able to fully exercise their human rights.

Policies and services should be grounded in enforceable domestic and international human rights laws.

In developing a culture of human rights the Commission will work with other organisations across a wide spectrum of society.

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